Shipbuilding expertise from the heart of the Port of Hamburg

451,000 m²
Shipyard area


2,100 m

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Welcome to Blohm+Voss

Since the very beginning in 1877, Blohm+Voss has been located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg, Europe’s third-largest port, and an important and respected centre of shipbuilding excellence. Over the years in operation, our shipyard has forged shipbuilding history and set standards in technology and design.

Today, the brand Blohm+Voss is dedicated to maritime and industrial services. Our yacht refit expertise at our shipyard is bundled under Lürssen Yacht Refit & Services (LYRS) – while we specialise in naval vessel new builds under the brand NVL.

Why choose blohm+voss?

We have extensive space at our Hamburg shipyard, and specialised workshops outfitted with the necessary tools and expert equipment for complex projects.

We benefit from a wealth of experience and resources in the new build and ship repair industry, which we are able to draw upon.

Customers can rely on us to complete projects on time and in budget, as we provide all services from a single source – from planning to spare parts, to installation and after sales.

We care about the safety standards of our shipyard and our employees. We are also committed to the environment and are conscious of our carbon footprint.

Located in the maritime hub of Hamburg, we have an impressive local supplier network and access to any spare parts or subcontractor required for a project.

Our experienced workforce and dedicated project managers ensure our services are of a high quality standard and meet all necessary regulations and legislation.