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Come aboard!

We provide jobs with a long-term perspective and seek professional reinforcement for our team for the new build of naval vessels, yacht refit, the repair of cruise liners and commercial ships, business administration and engineering. Together with our „Blohmers“, we follow a successful path as part of the family-owned Lürssen group of shipyards, which is internationally renowned in the shipbuilding industry. In the Port of Hamburg and the heart of the city, we have a crew of over 600 employees who share our common goals with both passion and dedication. Come aboard and apply to Blohm+Voss in Hamburg or for a vacant position within the Lürssen group.

Open positions

Within our job portal, you will find jobs for career starters and experienced professionals as well as study and training opportunities and internships. Motivated and qualified employees are one of our biggest advantages. For this reason, we are always looking for additional talented and driven members to join our team.

Come study with us!

At Blohm+Voss, we offer various educational opportunities. Candidates can choose between a dual study programme and vocational training.


Blohm+Voss has a modern training facility with professional workshops and newly equipped classrooms and training areas. With experienced mentors, state-of-the-art technical equipment and all the necessary workshops directly on-site, we offer the best training under realistic conditions. The following apprenticeships are just some examples:

  • Electrical mechanic
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Construction mechanic

Dual study programmes

A dual study programme combines the advantages of university studies and an apprenticeship. At university, you will study the basics and then work at the shipyard during your free time and experience the practical side of things first-hand. At the end of the programme, candidates who are successful in completing the course will receive a recognised qualification from both the shipyard (certificate of apprenticeship) and the university (Bachelors).
In cooperation with local universities, we offer the following dual study programmes:

  • Naval architecture (B. Eng.) – in cooperation with the Bremen University of Applied Sciences (HSB)
  • Mechanical engineering (B. Sc.) – in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
  • Electrical engineering (B.Sc) – in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

After completing your bachelor’s degree programme, on a case by case basis, Blohm+Voss also offers the opportunity of support for candidates wishing to embark upon a specialisation course or with the realisation of a master’s degree.

Bachelors and masters

At Blohm+Voss, candidates have the opportunity to develop new ideas with practical hands-on relevance. As a forward-thinking shipyard, we are always interested in innovative ideas from the university sector. Experienced engineers and technicians can assist you in the areas of technology, research and development when it comes to writing your thesis. The following topics are of particular interest to us:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Electrical engineering (power supply and distribution)
  • Mechanical engineering (HVAC, operation systems)
  • Shipbuilding components (design and calculation)
  • Engineering process management
  • Marine engineering
  • Production planning and work preparation
  • Shock and vibration
  • Acoustic, IR and radar cross-section (signature reduction)
  • Electrical drive and storage on board of ships
  • Autonomy and Automation in sea going environment

Internships for students

University students can also gain first-hand experience in the world of business at Blohm+Voss through basic internships or more extensive programmes. Our available internships are listed along with our other open positions on the Lürssen Careers Website.