Tank build services

Blohm+Voss has been providing customers with comprehensive tank build services for over 90 years, from engineering and project planning through to turnkey final assembly.

The wide range of services that the tank build team provides includes the new build and repair of floating-roof or fixed-roof tanks, with or without catch basin, with single or double bottom. Blohm+Voss is a specialist in the construction of new tanks. This includes mounting and attachment parts as well as the associated foundations, corrosion protection and insulation work for liquids and other materials. Customers value the experience, flexibility and speed of the well-trained, reliable tank service team.

Many facilities and storage tanks have been in existence for more than 50 years. Due to new regulations, customers often have to retrofit their existing tanks. Blohm+Voss meticulously plans each project to ensure that the customers’ requirements are met. The authorities also regularly review the storage of water-polluting substances. This review results in both small and complex repair measures for customers. The tank service team supports customers in the development of repair concepts and performs the necessary work reliably and accurately.

We comply with all the necessary regulations and have all the required certificates including in particular an SCC certificate. For a full list of our certificates and compliance regulations, please refer to our quality, safety and environment page.

Our Services

New Construction of Tanks and Holding Containers

Construction of Turnkey Tank Farms

Tank Outfitting and Equipment

Tank Reconstruction and Refurbishment

Tank Repairs

Transferring, Transporting and Lifting of Tanks

Tank Inspections

Construction and Refurbishment of Steam Accumulators

Concepts, Declarations and Programmes

Preparation of Structural and Strength Calculations

Tank Field Lining

Double-Bottom Delivery and Installation

Renovation and refurbishment of tanks

Design and installation of tank heaters

Conventional tank construction with a single or double tank bottom and tank shell with a fixed or floating roof tank

Sheet metal lining for the installation of a catch basin compliant with water regulations

Lifting of the tank for foundation renovations

Repair of the tank exterior shell after vacuum damage (negative pressure)

Design and installation of steam accumulator systems