High-end ship repair expertise

Shipyard work on passenger vessels is one of the industry’s most demanding challenges. Blohm+Voss provides precise engineering project management skills, excellent logistics and high-quality implementation in this maritime segment. The shipyard offers a variety of services for all types of passenger vessels, from ferries to ocean liners and cruise ships.

Fleet owners are able to rely on Blohm+Voss to transform their vision into reality, all within strict time slots so that the vessel is in and out of the shipyard, upgrades completed, without the works ever affecting the ship’s schedule. The shipyard prides itself on adhering to the exact timings of a project, increasing fleet efficiency and ensuring minimal disruption to the ship’s calendar. We have several docks to accommodate emergency cases so that a vessel never misses a day’s cruising.

Preparation and organisation are key factors in any refit. The Blohm+Voss in-house specialists have the necessary knowledge to accomplish the most intricate ship conversions, ship repairs and refits. The decades of considerable experience allow Blohm+Voss to operate in almost all maritime areas. In line with the company’s culture of innovation, it strives to develop new technical and logistic solutions and approaches. High safety and quality standards are of particular importance within every function at the shipyard.

Our services

General Docking

Modifications and Conversions

Interior Upgrades

Instalment of Additional Decks

Lifetime Extension

Technical and Entertainment Upgrades

Green Shipping Upgrades

Ship Lengthening

Project and Logistics Management

Ice Class Hull Adaptation

System Integration

Scrubber Installation

Standard/Damage Repairs and Refit

Hull Treatment

In-House Engineering

On-board Customer Experience

Upgrade your vessel

Although the below displays a good example of the types of services we can provide, we are of course able to accommodate almost any vessel for any type of repair even if it is not shown here. Clients can simply contact us to discuss their requirements and we will plan the refit of the vessel in tune with their specific needs.

Modifications to the superstructure We are able to modify the superstructure of any vessel with projects ranging from increasing the passenger accommodation to making further room for public spaces and entertainment areas.
Propulsion unit overhaul Our regular day-to-day business includes the overhaul and maintenance of all types of propulsion systems, pods and complete shaft arrangements, all within our specialised workshops.
Shell-side installations We are able to install additionally required elements into the shell of any vessel, for example sea chests for the scrubber systems.
Scrubber installation In accordance with new legislation and our committed approach to customers who wish to decrease their carbon footprint, we can retrofit scrubbers into any vessel.
Stabiliser repair and maintenance Be it damage repairs, standard maintenance or a complex renewal of stabiliser boxes, we can complete any stabiliser project that our customers require.
Overhaul of thrusters With our knowledgeable employees and their wealth of experience, we make easy work of upgrades and maintenance to any thruster.

Voice Of The Client

“Fred. Olsen has a long-established partnership with Blohm+Voss, spanning some 45 years and several generations. We have been sending our ships to Blohm+Voss since 1972, when Black Prince was the first through their Hamburg yard. Since then, Blohm+Voss have worked on over 21 Fred. Olsen vessels, on over 100 different projects. The most complex Fred. Olsen projects ever undertaken by Blohm+Voss were the lengthening and conversions of Balmoral and Braemar. These projects were not only highly demanding from a technical and logistical perspective, but were also extremely time-critical. However, by working hand-in-hand, we completed these projects and succeeded in creating the stylish, ever-popular ships that these additions to the Fred. Olsen fleet have become. Whilst there have been many challenges over the years, with ambitious refit plans and tight deadlines, we feel confident that Blohm+Voss understand our business and the need for us to maintain the quality, safety and security of our fleet, wherever in the world it is deployed. We know that Blohm+Voss will give their utmost to maintain and enhance every Fred. Olsen vessel, and we, in turn, have been happy to award them many repairs and complex conversions over the decades, which have enabled them to gain the necessary experience and build up new expertise. Our relationship with Blohm+Voss is one of mutual respect and trust – we can count on each other in every way.”

Mike Rodwell, Managing Director of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines


“We recently had to complete a particularly challenging emergency dry dock repair on one of our cruise ships. There are few shipyards with the expertise and experience, as well as the fabrication on site, who can be trusted to complete such a repair. Blohm+Voss took on the job within a difficult timescale, and completed the works to a very high standard. Their dedication and professionalism ensured that the ship was returned to service and able to resume her itineraries within the planned timeline.”

David Varty, Vice President Asset Management at Carnival UK Maritime


Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
IMO no.: 9195200
LOA × beam: 294.0 m × 32.2 m
Comprehensive maintenance of the azipods, overhaul of the bow thrusters, disassembly of the stabilisers and hull treatment

Completed in 9 DAYS


P&O Cruises (UK)
IMO no.: 9169524
LOA × beam: 270.0 m × 32.2 m
Extensive shaft survey, including propeller and shaft removal and installation of two EGCS

Completed in 15 DAYS


P&O Cruises (UK)
IMO no.: 9169550
LOA × beam: 261.2 m × 32.3 m
Installation of four EGCS, stern and bow thruster overhaul and repairs to heavy weather damage

Completed in 11 DAYS


Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
IMO no.: 9616230
LOA × beam: 225.6 m × 26.7 m
Complete refit of the spa area including installation of three new saunas and overhaul of the thrusters, stabilisers and azipods

Completed in 14 DAYS


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
IMO no.: 7108930
LOA × beam: 205.5 m × 25.2 m
Complete rudder and tail shaft works, installation of a new emergency generator and repaint of the hull and superstructure

Completed in 21 DAYS


P&O Cruises (UK)
IMO no.: 9226906
LOA × beam: 285.1 m × 32.2 m
Coating and hull treatment and installation of two EGCS and sea chests

Completed in 19 DAYS


Cunard Line
IMO no.: 9241061
LOA × beam: 345.0 m × 41.0 m
Major upgrades including installation of new section with 35 cabins and installation of four EGCS and sea chests

Completed in 19 DAYS