Quality, safety and the environment

A safe workplace

Our operational standard is to sustain a zero accidents shipyard. Wherever we work and throughout every project, our priority is the health and safety of our employees and partners. We are committed to making sure that everyone who works on or around our shipyard goes home safely every day. We monitor, document and effectively manage health and safety during each project to ultimately deliver an optimal service to our customers. Openness and transparency are essential, and we continuously communicate health, safety and environmental policy. We are committed to acting responsibly and we implement the highest sustainability standards. We work hard to prevent environmental damage. Our goal is to avoid pollution and we strive to reduce the use of resources and energy and to protect wildlife.

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to meeting our customers’ quality requirements throughout all phases of each project at all times. Our quality management processes ensure our orders are implemented and executed in an efficient and effective way to comply with the specifications of our customers. We continually invest in the skills of our workforce and the use of the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies. Internal and external audits and a company-wide improvement programme regularly show us our development potential. We meet the requirements of international standards and comply with all legal requirements:

System certificates
DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality management system
DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system
DIN EN ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management
SCC:2011 Safety Certificate Contractors, certified Partner Companies
Specific certificates / approvals
WHG Water Resource Law certificate
Connexio Certificate Classified as a prequalified supplier to energy suppliers
Police Permit Special 'Hot-Work' approval
LBA (Federal Aviation Office) Approval Approval as a known sender/shipper
DNI 4119 General building inspection approval
Approval crimping and flaring procedure Surface ships German Navy
Product-specific and welding certificates / approvals
DIN EN ISO 3834-2 & DIN 2303 (military products) Welding of hull structures
Welding of steam boilers
Welding of pressure vessels
Welding of pipelines
Welding of machinery components
Welding of structural sections
EN1090-2 For supporting structures (components and kits for steel
structures up to EXC3 pursuant to EN1090-2)
DIN EN ISO 3834-2 Welding for steel structures, pressure equipment and parts, pipe systems, parts of steam boilers, storage tank constructions
AD 2000-Merkblatt HPO Manufacture of pressure equipment and pipe systems,
steam boilers and storage tank constructions
DGRL 2014-68-EU Certificate for quality management system - welding technology
Certificate pipe flanges and pipe tees Pipe flanges and pipe tees
Hamburg Environmental Partnership Voluntary environmental protection benefits for
- Energy efficiency measures
- Material efficiency
General certificates / approvals
Agreement on the proper transfer of identification Applicable for materials and products
Transfer of Identification agreement - Regulation Annex 1 Applicable for small parts

A commitment to the environment

Many of our customers value their ecological footprint. We are keen to support them and as such, we use environmentally friendly options where possible and work safely, cleanly and neatly. We are also always looking to improve, and we ensure that we offer green technology where it is available. Due to new legislation, we are consistently upgrading our shipyard and training our workforce to meet these measures wherever possible.

What are we doing to improve?

We analyse our mistakes and learn from them to reduce our non-conformity costs and to increase our efficiency.

We actively raise awareness of occupational health and safety with the goal of zero accidents.

We improve our carbon footprint, reduce our waste and reduce our energy consumption by using energy-saving light bulbs among other measures.

We reduce our consumption of resources and keep our shipyard clean.

Our employees are in charge of taking of pre-emptive measures to maintain occupational health and safety, as part of their own personal responsibilities.

We regularly qualify our employees to live up to our quality standards and to encourage participation in the continuous improvement of our company-wide development process. In this way we are constantly optimising the shipyard.