Engine services

The Blohm+Voss engine services team is highly skilled and able to complete a variety of services within well-equipped on-site workshops. With this range of services and the existing service partnerships as well as a flying squad that is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the team can adapt to any customer requirement individually and in the shortest possible timeframe.

The unit focuses on the overhaul and maintenance of vibration dampers, couplings, turbochargers and oil mist detectors as well as other components. The maintenance and servicing of auxiliary diesel engines has always been an area of expertise and, due to the flexibility and quality of the services provided, Blohm+Voss has a reputation for executing highly complex tasks worldwide.

Short downtimes and an economically suitable solution for almost any engine are guaranteed through exchange programmes that are offered in the field of turbocharger and damper systems.

In the workshop, it is also possible to overhaul and repair all components of the engine. This includes laser cutting of camshafts and drive shafts, honing of cylinder liners, lapping and adjusting of injector nozzles, welding of piston crowns and reconditioning of connecting rods and liners.

For any required spare parts or special procurements, the in-house spare parts service is available and sits within the same office, allowing all services to be delivered from a single source.

Our services

Laser Shaft Alignment of Engines and Gearboxes

Camshaft and Crankshaft Alignment

Checks and Assessments Including Compression Testing

Laser Deposition Welding of Camshafts and Shafts

Honing of Cylinder Liners

Overhaul and Reconditioning of Engine Blocks

Lapping and Adjusting of All Injector Nozzles

Overhaul of Turbochargers, Dampers and Couplings

Pressure Testing and Cleaning of Charge Air Coolers

Cladding of Piston Crowns

Maintenance of Oil Mist Detectors and Auxiliary Diesel Engines

Emergency Repairs

Overhaul of Cylinder Heads, Pistons and Pumps

Preparation of Damage Reports and Damage Repairs

Drilling Camshaft Lanes and Ram Guides

Crack Testing and Troubleshooting