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Blohm+Voss workshop services and harbour repair supports customers with everything from project management to the repair of a container bridge, on-board and on-site, both at the shipyard and worldwide, covering a huge spectrum of services for the maritime industry.

Blohm+Voss’s scope of work in this area includes repairing steel, hull and superstructure and stevedoring damage, as well as the repair of piping and tanks. Our welders are tested, certified and regularly inspected and trained by qualified welding engineers.

Repair teams, as within all areas of the business, carry out repairs as quickly as possible to limit the downtime of ships or components to the shortest feasible timeframe.

Blohm+Voss workshop services can offer steel construction, metalworking, mechanical processing and pipeline construction. The mechanical production department has a workshop full of machines, from small computerised numerical control (CNC) turning and boring machines to a large lathe that is 20 metres in diameter with a maximum intake of 140 tonnes, as well as various hydraulic presses. This means that the shipyard is more than capable of fulfilling all requirements when it comes to ship repair or tailored production services. Halls for sandblasting and wet and powder coating complete the Blohm+Voss service offering for component production. The shipyard also has a permit for ‘Hot-Work’ in the Port of Hamburg.

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